introducing me!


Welcome to my blog, thank you for checking it out!

My name is Kayla and I have an addiction to make-up. I’m a fanatic, the amount of money I spend on it could be classed as unhealthy but it’s what make me happy so, why not?! If you haven’t already gathered my blog is going to mostly be made up of make-up, beauty and skin care related posts but also anything to do with life in general or anything that any of you would like me to cover! This first post is not make-up related however and is instead a self introduction, so here goes…

As I’ve already said, my name is Kayla. I’m currently seventeen years old and at the peak of my schooling with only three weeks left of year twelve and then final exams (probably not the greatest time to start a blog but there has to be a break somewhere, right?). I live in country South Australia which sadly means a lack of access to the products that I’m obsessed with (Mac, Benefit, Nars etc.), but I suppose it also saves my bank account given the fact of how insanely over priced these products tend to be in Australia. I have two jobs at the moment (to cater for my large amount of spending, oops), I work as a waitress and also as a pharmacy assistant. Because I also work in a pharmacy I find that I’m also surrounded by make-up at work and I love helping anyone out that comes in, sometimes choosing some beginners make-up for younger girls just starting to wear it or the perfect colour for a little old lady. I first started wearing make-up when I was in year eight and they were some terrible days…Just taking any foundation that I found in the bathroom and absolutely caking it on with my hands despite the colour being way too dark for my skin. I’m glad to say now that after a few years of searching I have finally found my perfect colour match and many holy grail products that I just cannot live without, but these will be discussed in a future posts I am sure.

I decided to start a blog because I decided I really needed somewhere to vent and to express myself that was my own. Not in a conversation with friends where sometimes they’d tend to have no interest or would rather be infatuated with their own lives. I really love having things that are my own and I’m excited to start this blog because of that.

I’ve always really loved writing, in fact I had thought of journalism as one of my possible careers if I could not get into the health industry. All throughout my schooling I’ve exceeded in my writing and expressing myself, I thoroughly enjoy it. Once I hit year twelve this all changed. I chose the harder English because I knew I was capable and really, I suppose it dented my ‘ego’. It is my only regret of year twelve. My themes and ideas that I chose to base my work around never seemed right and I could never identify the key ideas to put into my essays about books, poetry or plays that I didn’t really care about. I found that having to write an essay became more of a drag rather than an excitement for me getting to create something of my own. Whenever someone writes something it is their own. No one else has written it into those exact words before and I find that to be really special, so that’s exactly what I am here for. To share a few of my passions; make-up, beauty, skin care and expressing these through my own eyes. I┬áreally hope that if you’re reading this you will watch my blog and keep posted on my journey and that maybe I can help you along the way!

Love Kayla x.

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(P.S. I can assure you that I did remember both of my eyebrows, shocking lighting)