it’s been quite a while…


Wow! I’ve been gone for so long! School has been so hectic but I’m finally done! Millions of assignment, mountains of study and four exams later Maths, English, Nutrition and Biology have been completed. Now I just have to let everything lay in fates hands to hope it all works out for my plans next year. Until then though, apart from working I’ll have a lot of spare time on my hands which seems completely foreign to me. So in this time I’ll be relaxing, catching up on all my favourite shows, reading all the books I’ve put aside to read by the time I finished this years study, and of course updating my blog! Soon I’ll have a review on all of my latest products and a look to put up, apart from that feel free to request and I’ll be up for it! And also, very exciting news! This weekend I get to meet the man himself, Napoleon Perdis at an exclusive event, cannot wait! Hopefully I’ll have lots of new tips, tricks, looks and products to share with you all after!

Kayla xx.


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