Woops, I went shopping…


What’s new? I’ve been shopping and there’s a dent in my bank account. It was a quick trip into Adelaide, so quick that I spent almost all my shopping time dragging my brother through the Myer complex and making him sit in Mecca while I drooled over Nars. Anyway! If you’re interested I’ll give you all a quick run down on what I got and my thoughts so far, I’m sure I’ll do a proper review once I’ve become more familiar with the products.


First things first, I’ll get the only non-beauty related product out the way. I got this gorgeous knit from General Pants Co for only $45 which was originally $89.95. I was pretty impressed with that little bargain especially since I missed out on most of the Boxing Day and New Years Sales. Although it won’t be out to proper use now as where I live we’ve been fighting 40 degree heat in the recent days (apart from today where it started bucketing down with rain), I know that it will get to proper use during winter and when I travel to Europe at the end of the year.

Next is my favourite purchase of the day, Nars Sheer Glow foundation and pressed powder! For the past couple of years I’ve been wearing high coverage, thick make up to hide my skin that is definitely not the greatest. But whilst doing that, it’s only making it worse. After watching lots of my favourite beauty channels on YouTube I decided to try out Sheer Glow as I’d seen Zoella use it so many times. It doesn’t have as much coverage as what my True Match does but I love it already. It feels so light on the skin and is so easy to build in just my problem areas. To cover any blemishes that I have I just use my Napoleon Pro Palette concealer with my finger to dab onto my spots, this melts the concealer into the skin to blend it in more. Then just dusting a small amount of the pressed powder on my face gives that tiny little bit of extra coverage. Whilst I was getting matched by one of the attendants in Mecca she told me that the Sheer Glow foundation is actually designed to be applied with the hands which I found so odd since I’m such an anti hands applier when it comes to foundation but if any of you have the Sheer Glow foundation it would definitely be something to try out.

I got the Sheer Glow foundation in ‘Gobi’ and the Pressed Powder in ‘Siberia’, then I also got a pump for the foundation. The foundation was $59 and powder was $64 whilst the pump was only $4 all at Mecca Cosmetica.

DSC_5614 (2)

I also quickly popped into Lush and picked up some bath bombs. I got ‘Butterball’ and ‘Honey Bee’, they both smell so sweet. I have a thing with Lush where I love to collect the bath bombs but don’t want to ever use them because they smell gorgeous and look cool, although they do look even better in the bath.


Aside from my purchases in Adelaide, on Wednesday I got my hair done and picked these up whilst I was at the hairdressers. These little hair ties are amazing for your hair, they don’t leave any lines in your hair if you have it up and then put it down and they minimise breakage. They come in packs of three, I opted for the clear pack for my now even blonder hair. Once you’ve been using the same invisibobble for a bit it stretchs out so you rotate onto the next one and in no time at all it’s brand new again unlike normal hair ties which once they’re stretched, they’re gone!

I hope you all enjoyed my purchases, I’m sure there will be more soon,

Kayla xx.


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